How to Fill in Details to make a Broadcast at XCritical Broadcasting Engine?

Integrating Websites with XCritical.(Smart Broadcasting with a "?" symbol while Filling a website URL )
  • XCritical allows the facility for redirecting XCritical search Queries to 3rd Party websites or weblinks. This is useful while broadcasting shopping products, price comparison of products etc. If a Firm broadcasts a website link for (Link followed by a Question mark) and this link appears in the search results, XCritical appends three other parameters to this Weblink during the click process such that the searched item or searched product can be integrated with the broadcasting firm's website.

  • e.g. -"Search Keyword"&Category="Used Product" . The search keyword,Country and search category is URL encoded
    e.g. If search word is "Wireless Keyboard", the URL Encoded search keyword is "Wireless+Keyboard".

  • An entire List of Countries is available in the following dropdownlist for country specific search:

  • When no country specific search is conducted, the default country is - Global

    and the following is the list of Search Categories:
    The default search category is "Anything";
  • The appended parameters can be used for searching and showing relevant pages on broadcasters website. e.g If we search for "wireless keyboard" on XCritical, this search item is passed on to a third party website like eBay through a query string such that this keyword "Wireless keyboard" can be searched and displayed on eBay's Website or on it's relevant pages. It must however be remembered that a keyword like "Wireless keyboard" or other searchable items must be present in the broadcast content of the broadcast, for it to be searchable on XCritical.

  • Example search query is as follows ? search Keyword = wireless keyboard and category is Used Product url link =
    url link =
    url link =
    url link =
    Note url link "" is not allowed however "" is allowed

    Points to be noted
  • If the Weblink Broadcast is a normal weblink without an ending ("?") question mark, the link is not changed or manipulated by the XCritical Search Engine and no additonal parameters are passed.
  • If the search keyword is an Assisted keyword or a (#Keyword) - the link are not manipulated by the XCritical search engine. for e.g. If key word is #ARA#PROP the weblink when clicked is the original link as broadcast, without the additional appended parameters.

  • How to Use the Assist Function Button while Broadcasting and Searching?