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How the Passport API Works ?

The Passport Plus API Consists of these Simple steps

  1. Creating a Passport Offer by Filling in details at the Passport API setup page. The details include Enterprise name, Offer description and a specific Url page to handle responses from XCritical checkin server.The API Login page also generates a specific secret APIkey fo every offer you setup.
  2. This APIKey along with your registred Xcritical entity type :Large/Small/Medium/University/Community/Individuals is passed to the Passport Checkin page using Query Parameters.
    e.g.www.XCritical.com/Passport.aspx?Entity=University&Key=c61703b2c04c370c37ddbcfaeeb63365 . When the Passport checkin page is invoked using the link given in the example, the Passport Checkin page opens up shows you all the details of the Enterprise and it's deal/Offer.
  3. When People Checkin or Sign in to the PassportCheckin Page - The Checkin is validated and two Parameters are sent to the User specified web url as a Query parameters.
    e.g. http://www.tcvectors.com/?SpecialKey==2c7485ff7642f9d1c9d403cfa92d4586&Entity=Individuals . The first Parameter sent, is a special Key generated to identify this checkin and the Second Parameter is, the Entity type that is checking in (e.g. "Individuals", "Small", "Large", "Medium" , "University" , "Community").
  4. A webservice is available at XCritical.com/Webservice/PassportPlus.asmx with a method PassportPlusAuthorize( APIKEY, Special Key, Entity) to confirm a genuine checkin.
    This Webservice is used to confirm whether a particular response received from XCritical Passport Checkin is genuine. If the checkin is genuine, the webservice return a Boolean true else it returns false.
    e.g. Parameters to the webservice are : Offer APIkey ( Generated during your Deal/Offer Setup in the API configuration Page) , specialKey sent to you by the XCritical Checkin server and Entity Type Sent by the XCritical Checkin server.

Code Samples will be available shortly.